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I just got home from a [necessary] outing to Bloomies in Aventura mall. What a waste of a morning.

A gentleman friend of mine bought me some clothes from the Bloomingdales in Palm Beach. Very sweet. But the clothes were all size 3X. Not my size.

I live in Miami and took them to Aventura for an exchange. I purposely went early, arriving around 10:15 am so I could get immediate assistance. The sales assistant named Jean in the ladies denim Dept on the 2nd floor acted as if I were a big annoyance when I told her I needed an exchange. She pointed vaguely and told me I should take the items to the work out section for help.

"But these items are from the denim department," I explained to her. "Can't you help me find these items? It's a little overwhelming in here with so many brands. I don't know where to find these things." Instead of taking me to the section where these items were located, she took me to a much more expensive brand's area and tried to upsell me on similar but wildly more expensive items!!

She said I would have to make up the difference In cost for those items. I told her I didn't plan to spend any money exchanging something that had been a gift and she became huffy with me, rolling her eyes and communicating through her negative facial expressions, body language and tone of voice. Once I refused to be up sold on my exchange she revealed that the Aventura store did not even carry the brand I was looking to exchange! And that I would have to go all the way to Palm Beach to do so.

I asked if there was a better solution, since I don't really like shopping and get overwhelmed easily in large stores, and didn't plan on spending an entire day plus tank of gas to drive to PB just to exchange these clothes. She offered no solutions, continuing to act in a negative, off-putting and verbally combative manner. So I offered a solution: just give me a gift card for the value of the items. She seemed to have great difficulty in doing this very simple thing, even requesting assistance from a senior colleague because one of the items wouldn't ring up.

The senior colleague instructed her to manually add the item to the refund on the gift card, but she refused to do so once we were alone again (no longer in the presence of the senior associate) and when I asked her about why she wasn't adding the item she gave me some excuse. Each time she asked me about where I bought the items or where was my receipt, I reiterated that these things had been a gift, and while I did not have a receipt I did have the business card of the sales associate from the Palm Beach store who had assisted my friend in purchasing these items. While Jean was having trouble ringing up the items onto the refund/gift card, I offered her the card with the associates name and contact info on it. Her response was basically, "What do you expect me to do with this?" Accompanied by a sneering facial expression and again a negative tone of voice and body language.

And all the time she was treating me as if I were suspicious, or had stolen these things, and that dealing with me was nothing but trouble and she couldn't wait to be rid of me. The price of the items was as follows: jean jacket $128+change, green top $84+change, Spanx stockings $32.00. Yet the gift card she gave me only had a value of $131+change, and the spanx was not even added to the card because she refused to follow the senior associate's instruction to add it manually. 128+84 adds up to $212,not $131.

These items were purchased 3 days ago! Not last season. By the time the card was processed I had all but given up and just couldn't wait to get away from Jean. I had started out excited, thinking I would exchange my oversized gifts for something cute...

only to walk away feeling like I had been kicked. *As if that entire experience weren't bad enough, I took my giftcard to the makeup counter hoping to salvage the experience by picking up some nice makeup, which I ordinarily would not splurge on. As I approached the Bobbi Brown makeup counter a sales associate stood there coughing directly into her hand and then reached out towards me to ask if she could help me find anything. Aghhhh!

Yuck, gross, and disgusting! I asked her if there was someone from Bobbi Brown who could help me find a foundation, and she replied that while she was the rep for NARS, she would be glad to help me. Then she began touching (gagging as I think about it) the tissues and spatulas, etc that the ladies use while they test colors on a customer. I directly stated to her that she had just coughed into her hand and was now contaminating everything she touched, and that I would not let her assist me because she hadn't washed her hands.

Her attitude was so snotty in response that I just turned and walked out. Wow. Wow. Wow.

I'm a business owner and I just can't wrap my mind around how any company can allow its associates to behave this way. If I treated my customers like this I would be out of business.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bloomingdales Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $244.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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