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This company is going to the crapper. They do not driven for customer solutions. These were the Ralph Lauren shoes I received. Worn , used, and disgusting.The customer service was a nightmare! I requested gift receipts and boxes. When the items came there were not receipts. A note in the package with the actual receipts. WOW, Bloomingdales is definitely on the brink of going into the crapper. The fact that 2/8 customer service representatives were actually nice, is mind blowing.

I will never again in my life shop at Bloomingdales. You don't treat people that way and think that its okay. That kind of culture you are brewing in customer service is a quick way of starting a wild fire. One customer tells their friends and shows evidence, more and more people will start to recognize these issues occurring. Maybe this is their intent.

3 managers I spoke to hung up on me. I was told that initially I would get boxes when the gift box option failed to add to cart. I was promised boxes to give to my niece. The box arrived used used, and I am talking about dirty, because infants should be able to walk. This means they knew about the used quality and were still willing to ship it. I was offered a 10% discount in order to apply it to a new order just for boxes. Basically pay for boxes that should have came.

Maryann, he live chat lady (within 5 minutes of my order) I realized the gift box feature failed to add to cart. although I added it, it did not show in the final amount. I was concerned, reached out via messenger (online chat). Was told everything was situated, I would get boxes for my order. A special note card address to my niece and a gift receipt.

I then realized I purchased the wrong size. Within 10 minutes after contacting Maryann again by entering the chat. It was no longer. it was no longer available. So I called the call center and tried to email them.

The person I spoke with from the Philippines stated that I was in the time frame of changing the size. She attempted to do so. And saw the notes from Maryann. She told me everything was fine and I would see all my changes. I requested an email for confirmation. And was told that it would arrive in my inbox between 45-1 hour. I asked for her name, in which she refused to give me, I asked for an agent ID and she said she couldn't provide that as a company policy. I had nothing to reference the call.

I waited one close to two hours. Nothing in my inbox. I called again to see if the email or any trace of it could be found. The next agent said she was supervisor, could not locate the email or any trace of notes left behind from the agent. The agent hung up on me. I called again only to be told that I needed to buy a new jacket to ensure I would receive the right size. I was in shock. I asked him don't you see my notes? He said no its not possible change it. I told him " I was told everything was complete I just need email confirmation." Asked to speak to supervisor (Nicholas). This was pleasant.

Nicholas got on the phone and told us that it was too late to make anymore changes. WOW. WTH?? How is it too late to make changes when I was told it was done? I asked for his name, he told me Nicholas when I asked him for his ID number her said "My Id number is..." Thank clicked (Hung up) on me! What a disaster!

That wasn't even the worst or the end of this experience. Then my box came I decided to open it instead of wrapping the whole box to gift to my sister. Luckily something told me to do it. While I opened the box, there were no gift boxes. An envelope that was suppose to be enclosed with a personal message was an actual receipt and not even a gift certificate. I was livid.

I called them once again, and while I was on the phone with yet another agent, hi name was Jacob. Reported the box being missing and as we are on the phone I am checking the sizes, I realized they sent me 3(T) toddler size. This sis suppose to be for a 3 month baby. What in the world is going on over there? It gets even better... I open the shoes and was disgusted! they were used, NOT slightly. I mean used-used. So disgusting they would even allow a return like this, and what is even worse is that they restocked it.

Jacob then tells me he is order another pair of shoes for me and they should arrive by Thursday. ANd he told me the same thing.. "wait 45 minutes for a confirmation letter." Again nothing was received. He just told me to wait on it. I refused .

I heard about what a nightmare they are to deal with. I finally lived it again and again. It was literally like inception. Jacob instead of resolving the issue told me I should drive to my local Bloomingdales (1 hour was the nearest location) during my midterm and get boxes from them. Wow what a solution Jacob. BRAVO! So to add insult to injury, Jacob then tells me he can credit me 10% of the shoes. WOW, and that i should use that 10% and buy boxes from online. At this point I am in dis belief and am beyond livid. I ask to speak to his supervisor, and arrogantly he tells me they are on the same tier. ANd that he can do everything his boss can. I refused his service and asked to speak to his boss.

Great even more sickening...His supervisor Jason (Arizona Call Center) then comes on blaming me for requesting the box 10 minutes after purchasing. Only contradicting himself. AT first he told me there was a 30 minute period where changes could be made. Then blamed me for entering the chat late. Excuse me? I entered the chat as soon as I checked out, where was the time stamp discrepancy? I was in complete shock. The service of these people seem to get worse per escalation. I asked to speak to his supervisor and he told me it was Bianca. And to go ahead and call back when she was there. He was a big jerk.

I wait two days still no confirmation on the shoes or boxes. I finally call again spoke with Jenny from the call center who genuinely was empathetic. She was kind enough to send me the return label via email. I mailed back the shoes of Friday evening as soon as I was free to do so. She promised me a follow up the next day via EMAIL. I still never heard back from her.

I spoke to AJ today about the shoe tracking and she was able to tell met he box was in transit. It was expecting to arrive on Monday and to just go ahead and wait. When I let her know what was going on she told me to report everything to the complaints- presidential. I chose to complain here because I did everything I could and got no where. I even emailed customer service in midst of all this and was ignored. I have every email and call logged documented.

I hope no one has to go through this. And stay away from this store. Go somewhere where people actually appreciate their jobs. And are humble.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bloomingdales Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $235.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: Nightmare, Hellish, Save your money.

I didn't like: Customer care.

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